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Aerospace and MilitaryConsumer ElectronicsDatacom/TelecomDebugging Techniques and ToolsDesigning Safer Systems
Green Engineering Improve Productivity at the HW/SW InterfaceIndustrial and Automation Linux, Android, and Open-Source SoftwareMedical
Multi-core, Multi-threading, and VirtualizationMultimedia and Signal ProcessingProject Management Real-Time Development Real-Time Kernels
Security Software Engineering PracticesSystem Integration and TestWired and  Wireless NetworkingSoftware EngineeringSystem Integration and Test
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Track Chairs

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We've organized our sessions by track to help you plan your schedule and find the subjects you need to know. Each track was built by industry leaders, our ESC Track Chairs, to ensure the fundamentals of embedded technologies and the most current solutions are covered.

Aerospace and Military
Build Your Own Embedded System 1
Build Your Own Embedded Systems 2
Designing with Open-Source Software, including Linux and Android
Developing for Windows Embedded
Embedded Internet/Telecom
Graphics, Displays, and Lighting
Green Engineering
Multicore Expo and Virtualization
Multimedia and Signal Processing, including Consumer Electronics
Networking and Connectivity
Operating System Selections, Tips, and Tricks
Programmable Logic
Project Management
Real-Time System Development
Robotics, Motor Control, and More Industrial Change Makers
Safety and Security
Software Debugging Techniques
Software Engineering
System Integration and Test

Aerospace and Military
Mark Snyder

Director of Embedded SW Engineering,
Quantum3D, Inc

Mark Snyder is Vice President of Product Development at Alt Software, where his responsibilities include research, design, and development of tools and software for the embedded graphics and markets. Prior to joining Alt, Mr. Snyder was Director of Embedded Software Tools at Quantum3D, where he developed an industry leading embedded applications tool suite. Prior to Quantum3D, he was employed with Honeywell International as a flight-deck engineer researching advanced avionics display applications. Mr. Snyder spent 9 years in the Air Force, including an assignment as a research engineer at AFRL in New Mexico, where he was involved in distributed simulation and visualization research. He holds a BS from Arizona State University and an MS from the Air Force Institute of Technology School of Engineering at Wright Patterson AFB, OH, and is named as inventor on several US and International patents in the avionics glass cockpit display arena. Mr. Snyder has over 27 years experience in high performance and embedded display graphics.

Build Your Own Embedded System 1
Cuong Pham

Technical Evangelist

Cuong Pham is a Technical Evangelist in the Windows Embedded Business where he looks after enterprise platforms and experiences. Prior to Microsoft, Cuong led advanced project teams at Novatel Wireless in designing 3G wireless mobile solutions and experiences. Cuong began his career at Lucent Technologies where his special project team prototyped the world’s first 3G wireless networks. He received his M.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

Build Your Own Embedded System 2
Richard Nass

Director of Content/Media
EE Times Group

Hear Rich's take on why you should attend the BYOES track.

Rich's key responsibilities include setting the content direction for all properties within the EE Times Group. This includes EE Times,
EETimes.com, Embedded Systems Design magazine,
Embedded.com, the global Embedded Systems Conferences, and all custom events. Rich also handles the editorial for EE Times Europe and Embedded Systems Design Europe. He's been in the Electronics OEM industry for over 20 years. Before taking on the top editorial role for the EE Times Group, Rich oversaw the Embedded and Custom groups, and the TechOnline DesignLine network of design engineering Web sites. Prior to that, he spent six years as the Editor-in-Chief of Portable Design magazine, where he drove the editorial to new heights while launching a magazine and technical conference in China. Preceding that, Rich was a Technology Editor with Electronic Design magazine. He holds a BSEE degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Designing with Open-Source Software,
including Linux and Android

Bill Gatliff


Bill Gatliff makes Free and Open Source technology work for embedded systems. Specializing in Linux kernel porting and real-time applications for more than a decade, Bill also provides some of the most sought-after, in-depth, up-to-date consulting and training on topics related to real-world embedded platforms and applications. His background includes automotive, industrial, aerospace, and medical devices. Bill is a contributing editor to Embedded Systems Design Magazine, and a member of the Advisory Board to the Embedded Systems Conference.

Designing with Open-Source Software, including Linux and Android
Colin Walls

Embedded Software Technologist,
Mentor Graphics

Colin Walls has over twenty-five years experience in the electronics industry, largely dedicated to embedded software. A frequent presenter at conferences and seminars and author of numerous technical articles and two books on embedded software, Colin is a member of the marketing team of the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division, and is based in the UK. His regular blog is located at: http://blogs.mentor.com/colinwalls

Developing for Windows Embedded
Douglas Boling

Boling Consulting Inc.

Doug Boling is an author, trainer, and consultant specializing on Windows Mobile devices and the Windows Embedded CE operating system. He is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Microsoft Windows CE” from Microsoft Press. Doug has taught the developers of a number of the leading companies in the Embedded and Windows Mobile market. When not teaching, he spends his time assisting companies developing their Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE products. Doug consults and teaches his classes through his company, Boling Consulting Inc. (www.bolingconsulting.com) and can be reached at: [email protected].

Developing for Windows Embedded
Olivier Bloch

The North American Technical Evangelist,

Olivier Bloch is the North American Technical Evangelist in the Windows Embedded Business group for Microsoft Corp. As a developer evangelist, Olivier drives and develops Windows Embedded technology awareness, presents at international events, ensures user groups receive proper support and collects developer feedback. Olivier maintains comprehensive knowledge of the Windows Embedded systems with up-to-date certifications. Prior to becoming the North American Embedded Technical Evangelist, Olivier worked as an Embedded Developer Evangelist for Microsoft France. Olivier also served as a Windows Embedded CE 4.2 and 5.0 expert for Theoris where he concentrated on design, development, hardware support and delivering Windows Embedded CE trainings as a Microsoft certified trainer. In the past nine years, Olivier has held various positions as a software developer and expert. Olivier graduated in the French educational system and after 5 years in a software and electronics engineering school (Institut Superieur dElectronique de Paris) he got his Real Time systems engineer diploma in 1999.

Embedded Internet/Telecom
Niall Murphy


Read Niall's take on why you should attend the Embedded Internet/Telecom Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Niall Murphy has been designing embedded software for fourteen years. He is the author of Front Panel: Designing Software for Embedded User Interfaces. Murphy teaches and consults on building better user interfaces and more robust software. He has helped design lung ventilators, CT scanners, cell phones and vehicle dashboards, and is a contributing editor at Embedded Systems Design Magazine. He has a first class honors degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin. A bibliography of Niall Murphy’s publications is available at: www.panelsoft.com/articles.htm

Graphics, Displays, and Lighting
Jon Peddie

Jon Peddie Research

Dr. Peddie is one of the pioneers of the graphics industry, starting his career in computer graphics in 1962. He covers multimedia, computer graphics, and convergence. He advises PR professionals, after the successful launch of several graphics manufacturing companies, Peddie began Jon Peddie Associates in 1984 to provide comprehensive data, information, and management expertise to the computer graphics industry. In 2001, Peddie left JPA and formed Jon Peddie Research (JPR) to provide customer-intimate consulting and market forecasting services. Peddie lectures at numerous conferences on topics pertaining to graphics technology and the emerging trends in digital media technology. Recently named one of the most influential analysts, Peddie is frequently quoted in trade and business publications, contributes articles to numerous publications, and has appeared on CNN and TechTV. Peddie is also the author of several books including Graphics User Interfaces and Graphics Standards, High Resolution Graphics Display Systems, and Multimedia and Graphics Controllers and a contributor to Advances in Modeling, Animation, and Rendering.

Green Engineering
Allan Yogasingam

Editor, EE Times Products,
EE Times Group

Read Allan's take on why you should attend the Green Engineering Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Allan Yogasingam is a technology analyst and contributing writer for EE
. Allan is a graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in computer engineering specializing in wireless protocol. Allan is also the site manager for the Green SupplyLine - a site dedicated to all news related to clean and green technology, with an emphasis on energy harvesting and power efficiency.

Rick Merritt

Editor at large,
EE Times

Rick Merritt has sixteen years experience writing about the computer and
communications industries. Since 2001, Rick has been the editor at large of EE Times, the leading news weekly for engineers and technical managers. EE Times was the 1997 winner of the Computer Press Association award for best trade newspaper. Previously, Rick was the founding editor of OEM Magazine. OEM was a winner of a Jesse H. Neal award for investigative reporting in 1996, a winner of Folio Magazine's Editorial Excellence award in 1995 and a runner up for best trade magazine in the Computer Press Association awards in 1996. Previous to the launch of OEM Magazine, Rick was a bureau editor for Electronic Engineering Times and Electronic World News in Hong Kong. From 1988-1991 he served as editor of Asian Computer Monthly, a regional magazine for IS managers in Asia.

Dave Kleidermacher

Chief Technology Officer,
Green Hills Software

David Kleidermacher is Chief Technology Officer at Green Hills Software where is responsible for technology strategy, platform planning, and solutions design. Kleidermacher is a leading authority in systems software and security, including secure operating systems, virtualization technology, and the application of high robustness security engineering principles to solve computing infrastructure problems.

Multicore Expo and Virtualization
Markus Levy

Multicore Expo chairman,
The Multicore Association

Markus Levy is the chairman of Multicore Expo and president of the Multicore Association. Markus is also founder and president of EEMBC. He was previously an analyst for Microprocessor Report and an editor at EDN magazine. Markus worked in the semiconductor industry at Intel Corporation, where he served as an applications engineer and customer training specialist for microprocessor and flash memory products. He is the co-author of Designing with Flash Memory and received several patents while at Intel for his ideas related to flash memory architecture and usage as a disk drive alternative. He is also a volunteer firefighter.

Multimedia and Signal Processing,
including Consumer Electronics

Rob Oshana

Director of Global Software Research and Development,
Freescale Semiconductor

Rob Oshana has over 28 years of experience in the real-time embedded industry in both applications as well as tools technology development. He is currently Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of Global Software Research and Development for the Networking and Multimedia group at Freescale Semiconductor. He is widely published in the industry and speaks regularly at the Embedded Systems Conference. Rob has chaired international standards committees in the embedded space and is a licensed professional engineer. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas.

Networking and Connectivity
Colin Holland

Editor in Chief,
Embedded Systems Design (Europe)

Colin Holland is a journalist based in the UK and is currently European Editor-in-Chief of Embedded System Design as well as consultant editor of EE Times Europe having been a member of its launch team in 2006. From 2002 he edited Embedded Systems Europe and was a contributor to Electronics Express Europe and Microwave Engineering Europe.

During a spell as a freelance Holland worked on a number of different projects including writing the section on the on Electronics industry for Business - The Ultimate Resource (Bloomsbury/Perseus Publishing) and editing technical research papers into short news items for ElsevierEngineering News.

Previously an editor with Embedded Systems Engineering in the UK and managing editor of EuroElectroncisweb and Globalcommsweb for VerticalNet, Holland spent nearly 20 years at CMP Electronics in the UK including spells as an editor on Electronics Times (weekly newspaper), Electronic Engineering (monthly technical magazine) and Whats new in Electronics (product-information based publication). After completing a degree in Physical Science in 1977, Holland started in journalism as an editor on Electronics Technology - the journal of the Society of Electronics and Radio Technicians which was followed by a two year stint on a weekly new paper - The Accountant.

Operating System Selections, Tips, and Tricks
Gary Stringham

Gary Stringham & Associates, LLC

Read Gary's take on why you should attend the Operating System Selections, Tips, and Tricks Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Gary Stringham is an embedded systems expert with a specialization in the hardware/firmware interface. He is the founder of Gary Stringham & Associates, LLC, (www.garystringham.com) With over 25 years of industry experience, Gary focuses on diagnosing and resolving difficult hardware/firmware integration issues and produces solid solutions to prevent future occurrences of those issues. He is a frequent presenter of this subject matter and is the author of the book, Hardware/Firmware Interface Design: Best Practices for Improving Embedded Systems Development. Previous to founding the company, Gary was a technical lead at HP establishing standards in firmware and ASIC designs. His efforts have saved HP more than $100 million in development costs across several projects. He holds a BSEE from Brigham Young University and an MSEE from Utah State University. Gary holds 12 patents in the area of printer hardware and firmware.

Programmable Logic
Clive "Max" Maxfield

TechBites Interactive

Read Max's take on why you should attend the Programmable Logic Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Clive “Max” Maxfield is six feet tall, outrageously handsome, English and proud of it. In addition to being a hero, trendsetter, and leader of fashion, he is widely regarded as an expert in all aspects of electronics (at least by his mother).

After receiving his B.Sc. in Control Engineering in 1980 from Sheffield Polytechnic (now Sheffield Hallam University) in England, Max began his career as a designer of central processing units for mainframe computers. In those days of yore, Max and the rest of the team were designing silicon chips using pencil and paper, because they didn’t have access to any computer-aided tools. Over the course of his career, Max has designed everything from ASICs to PCBs.

To cut a long story short, Max now finds himself President of TechBites Inc.
(www.Techbites.Com) – The Science and Technology Collaborative Community. This new website offers a unique mix of technical content and social networking. It's FREE to join. Members can publish their own technical content; access world-class content; participate in group discussions; and connect with peers and industry experts in a multitude of vertical communities.

In addition to numerous technical articles and papers appearing in magazines and at conferences around the world, Max is also the author and co-author of a number of books, including DESIGNUS MAXIMUS UNLEASHED (BANNED IN ALABAMA), BEBOP BYTES BACK (AN UNCONVENTIONAL GUIDE TO COMPUTERS), EDA: WHERE ELECTRONICS BEGINS, THE DESIGN WARRIOR’S GUIDE TO FPGAS, and HOW COMPUTERS DO MATH (which features the pedagogical and phantasmagorical virtual DIY Calculator).

On the off-chance that you’re still not impressed, Max was once referred to as an “industry notable” and a “semiconductor design expert” by someone famous who wasn’t prompted, coerced, or remunerated in any way!

Visit Max at: www.TechBites.com/Max-Maxfield
Follow Max at: www.Twitter.com/MaxMaxfield

Project Management
Real-Time Development
Jack Ganssle

Chief Engineer,
The Ganssle Group

Read Jack's take on why you should attend the Project Management and Real-Time Development Tracks at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Jack Ganssle writes for Embedded Systems Design and has written six books on embedded systems and one on his sailing fiascos. He started developing embedded systems in the early '70s using the 8008. Since then, he's started and sold three electronics companies, including one of the bigger embedded tool businesses. He's developed or managed more than 100 embedded products, from deep sea navigational gear to the White House security system. Ganssle now gives seminars to companies worldwide about better ways to develop embedded systems.

Real-Time System Development
Mark Kraeling

Product Manager,
GE Transportation

Mark is a return speaker to the Embedded Systems Conference. He is currently a product manager at GE Transportation in Melbourne, Florida. At GE he is involved with advanced product development in real-time controls, wireless, and communication systems. He has been developing embedded software for the automotive and transportation industries since the early 1990s. Mark holds a BSEE from Rose-Hulman, an MBA from Johns Hopkins, and is working on an MSE from Arizona State.

Robotics, Motor Control, and More Industrial Change Makers
Don Dingee

Editorial Director,
Embedded Computing Design

Read Don's take on why you should attend the Robotics, Motor Control, and More Industrial Change Makers Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Don Dingee has been in the embedded computing industry since 1983. As an editor, broadcaster, speaker, and blogger for OpenSystems Media since 2005, he's able to bring a range of experience and skills in both design and marketing to the industry. Previously, Don was a marketing professional with Embedify LLC, a marketing and sales contributor with Motorola, and a design engineer at General Dynamics. Don holds an MSEE from the University of Southern California and a BSEE from Cal Poly Pomona.

Safety and Security
Michael Barr

Netrino LLC

Read Michael's take on why you should attend the Safety and Security Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Michael Barr is an internationally recognized expert on the design of embedded computer systems. In that role, he has provided expert witness testimony in federal court, appeared on PBS’ American Business Review, and been quoted in various newspapers. He is the author of two books and more than forty articles on related subjects. For three and a half years Michael served as editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming. In addition, Michael has been a member of the advisory board of the Embedded Systems Conference. Software he wrote continues to power millions of products, ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices. Michael holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering and has lectured in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland.

Software Debugging Techniques
Dave Stewart

Director of Software Engineering,
InHand Electronics, Inc.

Read Dave's take on why you should attend the Software Debugging Techniques Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Dave Stewart is the Director of Software Engineering at InHand Electronics, a developer of small, low-power electronics solutions for handheld and wireless device designers. He has over 20 years of experience in embedded systems development. Prior to joining InHand, he co-founded and served as CTO of ERS, Inc. His experience is diverse. Currently, he is leading the development of advanced power management software for wireless and battery-powered devices. His main areas of expertise include the full software life cycle, requirements generation, system architecture, real-time operating systems and executives, device drivers, hardware-software co-design, component-based software engineering, real-time design and analysis, and debugging techniques for embedded systems. He has significant experience in numerous market segments, including mobile computing, wireless sensor networks, aerospace, industrial control, consumer electronics, transportation, physiological monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Stewart earned his PhD in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to 2000, Stewart was a computer engineering faculty member at University of Maryland.

Software Engineering
Niall Cooling


Niall Cooling has worked within the field of real-time embedded development for over 15 years. Having started his career working on defense systems, he moved to work for a major real-time operating system vendor. Since founding Feabhas in 1995, Cooling has furthered his experience of OO techniques for embedded systems. Cooling now lectures many Feabhas courses and has trained and offered UML, C, C++ and RTOS consultancy services to many major clients. Cooling is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a member of the BCS, IEEE and ACM.

System Integration and Test
Shelley Gretlein

Senior Group Manager,
National Instruments

Read Shelley's take on why you should attend the System Integration and Test Track at this year's ESC Silicon Valley.

Shelley Gretlein is the LabVIEW Real-Time and embedded group manager at National Instruments. Shelley has a BS in computer science and a minor in Math. Shelley is currently leading the embedded design efforts and regularly participates in embedded design forums.