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Each year, hundreds of ideas and topics are submitted during the ESC call for submission process. This year we tried something different by asking our readers to submit topics under five broad categories. After review with the ESC Advisory Board and Track Chairs, the top session proposals that address the most relevant issues facing engineers and the industry are outlined below. Please review the categories and the tracks which will allow you to customize your educational experience.

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Embedded Software

  • Linux/Android/Open Source
  • Programming for Storage, I/O
  • Programming Languages and Techniques
  • RTOS and Real Time Software
  • Software Processes and Tools
  • Windows for Embedded

Hardware for Embedded Systems

  • Challenges and Solutions in Embedded Designs
  • Connectivity and Security
  • Memory in Embedded Designs
  • Microcontrollers in Embedded Designs
  • Powering Embedded Designs
  • Programmable Logic in Embedded Designs

Tools and Best Practices

  • Best Practices
  • Design and Test
  • Managing and Process
  • Tools

Topics in Embedded-System Design

  • Architecture Design
  • DSP, Communication, and Control Design
  • HW and Platform Design
  • Quality Design and Intellectual Property
  • Safety Design

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Keynote Addresses

Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder - Apple Computer, Inc.

Chief Scientist - Fusion-IO

Tuesday, May 3 - 9:00am

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