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Multicore Expo

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The 5th annual Multicore Expo will take place in combination with ESC, the industry’s leading embedded systems event.

Working in conjunction with ESC, the Multicore Expo will provide attendees with three days of dedicated multicore technology training options and an increased number of multicore-related exhibits.

Multicore Expo registration, as well as registration for ESC, is now open!
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Technical Tracks Covering All Key Areas of Multicore Development

  • Resolving Multicore Debug Challenges
  • Applying Multicore to Networking and Telecom
  • Development and Debug with Virtual Platforms
  • Multicore Software Techniques
  • Legacy Migration
  • Parallelization and Application Partitioning
  • Multicore Operating Environments
  • Multicore System Development
  • Visions of Virtualization

Multicore Technology Headliners

  • Delivered by executives from Freescale, Texas Instruments, and Wind River
  • Providing updates on the State-of-the-Art and the future of multicore technology
  • Open to ALL Multicore Expo and ESC registered attendees

Thought-Provoking and Educational Panel Discussions

  • Parallelization Strategies: Finding the Silver Bullet
  • Insightful Debugging or Disastrous Delusions
  • It's (Almost) 5pm. Time for a Multicore?

Multicore Expo Pavilion

  • A wide variety of turn-key exhibits from leaders in the multicore industry
  • See multicore technology in action
  • Networking with leading experts in multicore hardware and software implementations.

Multicore Expo registration, as well as registration for ESC, is now open!
Register Today!

Multicore Development and Design Tools

Multicore Architectures and Processors

System-Level Multicore Implementations

Hypervisors and Operating Environments




Multicore Expo Delivers Multicore Knowledge
You Can't Get Anywhere Else!

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