7 critical questions about event photography

Event photography as a profession has been in existence for decades. Be that as it may, many individuals associate the word 'event photography' with more formal corporate events, promotions, weddings etc. However, as its name implies, event photography covers any special event either indoors or outdoors.

Whether it is the covering of a black-tie dinner, local football event, school proms, product launch, fundraiser, or a team building event, all you need is the presence of people, the appropriate equipment, and the right attitude. To get more insight about event photography, we highlight 7 vital questions that most people ask about this genre of photography.

Has Event Photography Changed Over The Years?

While this genre of photography has been around for a pretty long time, the advent of digitization has turned the process on its head. Instead of taking the photographs and afterwards running off to a photo lab to have them processed and printed, it is currently conceivable to capture the images, view them digitally, and then print, mount, and give them to the client in less than five minutes. 

What Defines A Decent Event Photographer?

 If you’re an active professional in this field, you must have a genuine ‘can-do' attitude. Adaptability and excitement are key traits, as they guarantee to cover any kind of event. Regardless of the fact that engaging in photography is clearly a reward, it is imperative that you have considerable experience with client servicing and marketing to make sure the work is done efficiently. Event photography is all about the dedication and enthusiasm a professional might have.

Does Equipment Quality Really Matter?

You don’t need to have the most recent, top-of-the-range capable DSLR, with star glass lenses to shoot an event! While having a great kit is decent, that should be a given for any professional photographer.  Actually, the client at a black tie event or a football competition couldn’t care less what equipment you have as long as the photos come out great.

Be that as it may, it is always a plus if you‘ve a high-end camera, because then you won’t need the help of any editing software to enhance your pictures.

How reliable is A Job in Event Photography?

This field can be considered a recession proof business, if as a professional event photographer you really know how to market yourself. For instance, if you are shooting a charity event, you may donate a percentage of your proceeds to the charity. This is an excellent way to improve your relationship with the event’s organisers.

A typical month for an events photographer will largely involve researching events to work at. As such, the number of events covered in a month will depend entirely on the efforts of an individual photographer. Some events, like many sporting events, can last over a week, and hence factors such as meals and accommodation need to be considered.

Many event photographers, such as ignite-images.co.uk, offer on-site printing. What this means is that they give their clients a preview of the photos instantly, and offer them the choice to be printed on the spot. This has proven to be more popular, as opposed to having to order the photos, which consumes time and involves having to return to the site. On-site printing is ideal for corporate events and experiential marketing.

Conversely, events such as weddings and graduations don’t really need on-site printing. This is because clients for these kinds of photos often request for special effects to be added and pictures of different sizes to be made. Hence, they would often opt for the photos to be taken away, processed, and then framed before they take them. 

How expensive is it to hire a Professional Event Photographer?

Some decades ago, you would have said that acquiring the services of professional event photographers were beyond the reach of the most financially constrained individuals and companies. These days, however, there are so many of them that their rates have significantly come down. Nonetheless, you should be careful not to sacrifice quality over price.

What Makes Corporate Shoots Different?

Corporate shoots are completely different from social events, like weddings and birthday parties, because it is more formal. In wedding s, for instance, the order is quite stereotyped since the usual rituals are the same, no matter what. In corporate events, however, you really don’t know what to expect.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Hiring An Event Photographer?

Finding the ideal event photography company to cover your event is not difficult when you know what you’re looking. However, here are some important factors to consider before entering into a deal with any photographer:

  • Budget – Review pricing quotes from several reputable photographers before picking one that works within your budget.
  • Communication – The photographer must be easy to reach. It can be frustrating to deal with a photographer who takes two weeks to respond, when you need immediate responses.
  • Insurance – It is advisable to work with an insured photographer. If something happens to such photographer at your event, you won’t be held liable.
  • Equipment – Make sure you share all of the vital details of your event, as well as location, with your photographer to ensure they’ve the appropriate equipment.
  • Contract and Expectations – It is advisable to openly discuss with your photographer what each of you will expect from the relationship. This is to avoid any misunderstanding that will negatively impact the outcome of the project.
  • Portfolio – Make sure to review your photographer’s past projects to see if they’ve covered similar events like yours in the past. Their style and approach needs to match your event’s image and branding.


Many individuals like to remember interesting events in their social and corporate lives and in different places across the world. They can only achieve this through event photography, which is the capturing of an event’s activities on camera by a professional event photographer. The events may include weddings, anniversaries, team building activities, corporate conferences, and so on. To have good pictures captured at an event, one needs a refined event photographer and cutting edge photography equipment, things that Ignite Images Event Photography are proud to have.