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Openmoko FreeRunner Giveaway

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Now you can design your own phone. Not just the pretty picture behind the menu or the arrangement of icons, but the whole phone? You can even turn it into something entirely different: a personal navigation device, a handheld computer, whatever you like.

Openmoko, the originator and champion of open source mobile products, is giving away an Openmoko Neo FreeRunner phone to each of five audience members at during their Open Source movement presentation.

But you have to be present and holding a raffle ticket to win. So don’t miss it.

The CEO of Openmoko, Sean Moss-Pultz, will be talking about the Open Source movement and its application to mobile devices on Tuesday, March 31 at 1:30pm in the ESC Theater on the show floor.

Described as the “hackers dream toy,” the Neo FreeRunner is a fully functional, Linux-driven, tri-band GSM phone. Running on a 500MHZ processor, it can handle audio, video, 2D and 3D graphics, as well as WiFi connections (802.11 b/g). It has integrated motion 2D and 3D accelerometers to cue functions based on user activity.

And because both hardware and software are open source, you can change the look, feel, case, and the way it behaves. The FreeRunner software is Open source, the CAD files are Open Source and the schematics are open source. You can transform it into a telemedicine device, a ruggedized sports fanatic’s companion, a geological survey tool, or just a better phone.

The limits? Your imagination.

Openmoko makes available all of the information you need – CAD, schematics, and operating system code. All you need are ideas and your own embedded development and industrial design skills.

Come score a phone at ESC Silicon Valley. Be the next mobile communications mogul! Register today!