Web Development Events – Are They Worth Your Time?

Working in the world of web design and development requires that you’re up-to-date with the newest trends and innovative thinking. As such, it is imperative that you network and collaborate with like-minded folks in the industry. There are numerous ways in which you can achieve these nowadays: you can listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch how-to-videos on YouTube, etc.

However, the most effective way to sharpen your skills, as well as to share ideas, problems, failures, and solutions in the web development industry, is to attend a live web development event, seminar, or conference. In fact, there are loads of benefits to attending any web development event and a strong chance that you will absorb a lot of new information and knowledge from different experts in the field.

For this article, the purpose is to highlight some of the significant benefits of attending a web development event, as well as a few events that you cannot afford to miss this year!

Why Should You Attend a Web Development Event?

Web development technology is rapidly changing, and live events, like seminars, conferences, and workshops will provide you with unique learning and skill development opportunities, which will ensure that you’re up-to-date with the latest web development trends. Here are major reasons why you need to start attending web development events, and even sending your employees there:

  1. Networking Opportunities
  2. Good events provide opportunities for attendees to mix and socialize, form new relationships, as well as strengthen existing ones. Over cocktails or lunch, you could make a connection with the perfect prospect or web service provider. At a breakout session, you might find yourself sitting next to your next client or mentor.  

  3. New Tools
  4. In most web development events, various companies will display what you haven’t seen yet.   Apps that make you work faster; less predisposed to costly mistakes, or gives you some other sort of edge.

    Whereas you’ll definitely find these products on the companies’ websites, it is best to get a hands-on demonstration or have a chance to ask questions that are relevant to your field of play from the company itself.

  5. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
  6. Attending any live event forces you to break away from your comfort zone. It is quite easy to read a blog post from the comfort and privacy of your own office. You will not break sweat listening to a podcast.

    There may be some of us who were born networkers, but for many of us live events can be a challenge. Nonetheless, breaking out of your comfort zone is just the kind of action you need to take, to break out of out-dated ways of thinking that are negatively affecting your business. If you feel so terrified that you can’t attend a web development event, then consider bringing a wingman so you won’t feel entirely on your own.  Just make sure you’ve attended that conference, lest your competitor sits in your seat!

  7. New Tips and  Tricks
  8. The problem with web developers is that most of them believe they have everything at their fingertips. However, there exists an overwhelming amount of information in the world of web design and development that you often can’t crack. Fortunately, a well-run web development event will help curate fresh ideas that will help you improve your approach.

    For instance, you may learn a faster way to create a Web app, something that could already be somewhere on the web, but you’ve never come across it due to so much information. Hence, attending the event will have helped you cut through the clutter to get the best.

  9. A look at The Future
  10. Besides helping you to stay up-to-date with latest trends, web development events are among the best places to learn about where exactly the industry is heading, and what’ll be the next big thing. However, you need to realize that looking into the future calls for discipline in two conflicting areas:

    • Maintaining an open mind
    • Utilizing a crap detector

    Being too rigid in your ways may lead to your obsolescence relatively fast. However, by using a crap detector, you can carefully analyse what you decide to put effort and time into.

Upcoming Web Development Events are Worth Attending

  1.  JSConf Iceland  [ August 25-26, 2016]
  2. This is a gathering of the JavaScript community, which will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is divided into two broad tracks, the Geysir track and the the Helka track, which cover a vast variety of interesting talks around wed design and development that you shouldn’t miss.

  3. From the Front, Bologna [ September 15-16, 2016]
  4. This is a frontend conference that provides insights and talks in different frontend development fields and technologies. Happening in Bologna, Italy, this conference is an excellent place to be as a frontend developer. 

  5. Frontend Conference, Zurich [September 1 – 2]
  6. At this conference, developers, designers, and researchers will present the latest in front-end technology.

  7. Angular Conference, London [ September 27 – 28]
  8. Hear from the world’s most refined Angular experts. It will include case studies, practical, successes and failures, and anything else you can learn from the experts, including the Angular team at Google.


In the recent times, the web development events calendar has become progressively more congested. From events focusing on a vast range of web design topics, right through to those that deal with a particular CMS, there is plenty of choice. In that light, choosing an event that is right for you, and that fits your budget, can be quite challenging. Besides the financial cost to consider, there is also the time away from client work.

It is imperative that you make the right choice.  Nonetheless, the benefits of stepping out of your regular routine and hearing from the industry experts can be an excellent tonic to help revitalize your work, and the best way to update yourself with industry developments. If you need more insight on web development events, and other things revolving around web design and development, you can check out webcreationuk reviews