Why we consider using whiteboards at ours smaller events

ESC at Techinsightsevents.com is a Silicon Valley based company, worldly distinguished as one of the best companies that host events and conferences all over the world, from India to Brazil and the USA. Their conferences cover various topics, most of which focus on advancements in technology and how they can be utilized for maximum effect. They have created a large network of technologists, leaders, suppliers and other experts in various fields, and said experts are always keynote speakers at their events, ready to share the knowledge with anyone who attends.

This makes ESC events a must for anyone who wants to advance in their field of work and gain useful skills they can use in the future, as well as be on top of new advancements and innovations in technology. Their events, conferences and lectures are presented in interesting and innovative ways, and they have used various different methods of representation and their workshops always ensure the people who attend them gain a lot of experience and create new contacts for their personal networks.

Their lectures are, thus, extremely valuable, and the organization of the lectures plays a large role in their success at effectively relating knowledge to their members. One aspect of their lectures is their usage of whiteboards, and below, they have shared the reasons why they find them extremely helpful and useful in their smaller events and lectures.

What are the benefits of whiteboards?

There are many different types of whiteboards. For example, a special type of glass board can be used in special circumstances, or if the nature of the session and presentation allows it, the board can be in a different color other than white. Also, if the need is present, many lecturers have stated that having a wall covered in whiteboard wall paint is more useful than the traditional whiteboard.

Their usage is extremely easy – simply draw, sketch or doodle your ideas on it, then clear it, and repeat the process. However, whiteboards can have many different uses at events, lectures and conferences. Some of those uses are very innovative and creative, which only strengthens the fact that whiteboards can have some very unique and interesting uses. As an extremely functional tool, it is not threatened by the rise of the digital age, and many professors, business and entrepreneurs use it in their daily meetings and lectures.  

Increased focus, brainstorming and inspiration

While today, there are many apps and software you can use during brainstorming sessions, the whiteboard is a lot better at increasing the focus of the participants. Inherently, it makes the lecturer attract and keep the attention of the attendees with his movements in front of the board, and designers and illustrators have the opportunity to be creative directly on the whiteboard during innovation sessions.

Almost every innovative idea has been originally generated on a whiteboard. It makes the whiteboard an incredible tool for brainstorming and think tank sessions, and one of the biggest benefits of the whiteboard, despite its outdated look, is the fact that it is not encumbered by possible errors in tech, or software.

Additionally, it makes the participants work with each other, and work together to come up with something new and something better, to look at every angle on a problem and find numerous solutions, instead of focusing only on a single solution. Whiteboards are the place where inspirations and ideas are represented and conveyed by members of lectures and brainstorming sessions, and quite often, the ideas become prospective projects, then they become projects in execution, without undergoing significant other changes.

Organization and keeping tabs

When it comes to hosting events, whiteboards can be very useful in organization and keeping tabs on lecture times, as well as organizing impromptu meetings between members and attendees. In fact, many of the attendees might be attending by themselves as representatives of their organization, and they might find it very useful to know where they can go to socialize with other people at the event.

On occasion, a whiteboard can be used for the hosts to leave contact information and messages for the members of the conference, which make communication and interaction easier, as well as ensuring that every person gets equal opportunity to gain as much as possible from the conference. This is even more pronounced in whiteboards with magnetic surfaces, as that makes photos and notes that more easier to share with others, as well as small messages.

Another big plus is that whiteboards can be used to remind attendees of lecture times, workshop locations and other information about their daily tasks and activities during the conference.

Presentations, slideshows and videos 

Whiteboards are highly useful in lectures that involve presentations, slideshows and videos. A very good presentation can be enhanced by the lecturer because he or she can directly add more of their knowledge to the presentation, by drawing sketches or point out significant points, which is not possible if the presentation is viewed on an ordinary wall or clothed surface.

Also, whiteboards can usually have their tilt and angle adjusted, so if the lightning in the conference room is not adequate, the projection of a video or presentation can be improved by moving the board in the right angle. This makes whiteboards an invaluable tool of small events, lectures and sessions, because it can change the nature of the lecture itself, make it more interesting. It also gives opportunity for interactive representation, and offers the attendees of events to become active participants, and not only learn, but share their own knowledge as well.

The usage of whiteboards is in no way limited to conference rooms and lecture halls. There are many uses for it, both at home and the office. You can use them to keep up with daily tasks; employers and businessmen can use them to great effects in meetings and discussions with their employees, especially when they are contemplating changes and many different possibilities. The uses of the whiteboard simply cannot be replaced that easily with technology, which makes it a very necessary tool, despite its possible outdated appearance.