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What's New at ESC

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What's New at ESC

ARM Connected Community

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The ARM architecture and its ecosystem is growing rapidly with new silicon, software and tools being announced almost daily. If you are using ARM today or are considering it for your next design you need to visit the ARM partner pavilion at ESC Silicon Valley to see the latest products and talk to the companies who are shaping the future of the ARM world.

A few hours spent here can save you days and possibly weeks of fruitless trial and error research. Book an appointment to meet the right people to help you be more productive in 2010!

Build Your Own Embedded Systems Program Expanded

Conference Tracks
Continuing the long-standing tradition for ESC Silicon Valley, we will once again offer a Build Your Own Embedded Systems (BYOES) hands on labs track. This year however, we've added a second track — and second set of hardware that attendees will receive!

  • Development board featuring Intel's Multi Core D510 Atom Processor
  • Freescale Tower System

This program ties directly in the conference's "Learn Today, Design Tomorrow" mantra. In fact, it goes one step further, into learn today, design today. Gain hands-on experience while taking your designs to the next level!

Intel’s Multi Core D510 Atom Processor development board features Hyperthreading, and supports four execution threads. The board will be running Microsoft's Windows Embedded Standard 7 (codenamed Quebec). Included as part of the All-Access pass, 4-day and ESC 3-day pass holders can purchase this kit for $299.

Connected Devices Pavilion

Booth #1829
Embedded systems are everywhere. From table lamps, refrigerators and home media, to automotive, medical, industrial and scientific, the time of standalone embedded electrical or electronic devices is fast receding, opening the door to an exciting new era of unforeseen applications and opportunity, from simple remote home monitoring to full‐scale, smart‐grid power control.

The Connected Devices Pavilion, on the ESC Silicon Valley show floor, is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their solutions that will educate and help design engineers design better connected devices. ESC theater panel discussions will address key challenges that the design engineers face and complement the demonstrations at pods in the pavilion.

Graphics, Display and LED Zone

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The declining cost of displays and LEDs has caused designers to think differently about the user interface in their embedded systems. Whereas before, having a graphical user interface may have been a luxury. Now, it's a requirement.

To help meet the needs of designers, we've designated a "Graphics, Displays, and LEDs Zone" at ESC Silicon Valley. In addition to seeing all the products and technologies that help embedded developers incorporate this necessary subsystem, this is a place where the experts will convene to help you get your toughest display-related questions answered.

Multicore Expo

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The 5th annual Multicore Expo will take place in combination with ESC, the industry’s leading embedded systems event.The Multicore Expo Zone will consist of a wide variety of exhibits from leaders in the multicore industry, providing attendees with the opportunity to see multicore technology in action as well as network with leading experts in multicore hardware and software implementations. The pavilion will also contain a theatre, open to all attendees, where sponsors will deliver presentations that highlight specific multicore technologies.

Does your company want to participate in any of the programs above? Contact Sean Raman at [email protected] or call (415) 947-6622.