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Meet the Experts

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Sponsored by ARM:

The following exhibiting companies have EXPERTS in their booths ready to answer your technical questions and offer real time solutions. Check out all the experts below, and reach out to them directly to set up a meeting time at ESC by clicking here.

Meet the Experts at ESC

Booth #1308
Andrew N. Sloss
Consultant Engineer, Strategic Software Alliances
Technical Expertise:Operating System and Kernel Design on ARM
Low Level Booting and UEFI Firmware, ARM UEFI Bindings, Future Software Challenges
Booth #1308
Mark Woods
Senior FAE
Technical Expertise:ARM consulting, SoC development, ARM FAE generalist in US, SoC architecting, design and implementation.
Booth #1308
Ronan Synnott
Senior Core Comp FAE
Technical Expertise:ARM Software Development Tools
Debug of ARM Based Systems
Booth #1308
Shyam Sadasivan
Product Manager, Processor Division
Technical Expertise:Cortex-M processor family, embedded design and microcontroller software
Booth #930
G. Richard Newell
Senior Principal Product Architect
Actel Corperation
Technical Expertise:Analog, Security and DSP
Booth #2010
Vamshi Kandalla
Senior Director of Marketing
Applied Micro
Technical Expertise:Benchmarking, PowerPC Applications, Evalkits, Embedded development environment, USB/OTG, DMA, vxWorks, RAID, NAS
Booth #628
Gustavo Cubas
SW Engineering Manager
Technical Expertise:DO-178B and Software Estimation
Booth #2313
Laurent Isenegger
Field Application Engineer
CoFluent Design
Technical Expertise:System-level design, Embedded systems modeling, simulation and performance analysis, Multi-core and multi-OS architectures, UML/DSL functional modeling
Booth #2409
Joe Dube
Principal Real Time Linux Systems Consultant
Technical Expertise: Real Time Linux
Booth #2018
Jordan Husney
iDigi Solution Architect
Digi International
Technical Expertise: M2M solutions architecture, device networking frameworks, Embedded software architecture
Booth #1246
Tom Cruttenden
Senior Software Engineer
Dorner Works
Technical Expertise: Embedded Linux, Microcontroller Software, Legacy Systems
Booth #1146
Andy Do
Embedded Works
Technical Expertise: Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi 802.11, GPS, Cellular M2M and device drivers
Booth #1128
William E. Lamie
Express Logic
Technical Expertise: Real-Time Operating Systems, Development Tools, Stack Analysis, Entrepreneur, Partnerships, Software Copyright Law
Booth #2126
Gurinder Singh
Senior Field Application Engineer
Future Technology Devices International Ltd.
Technical Expertise:USB host and device applications for embedded, mobile and PC platforms.
Booth #1308
Daniel Kurtz
Senior Field Application Engineer
Technical Expertise:WiFi, Network protocols, Microcontroller programming, Embedded System Design, RFID
Booth #1141
Paul Anderson
VP of Engineering
Technical Expertise: Static analysis tools and techniques
Booth #1510
Dave Kleidermacher
Technical Expertise:Real-time Operating Systems, Hypervisors/Virtualization, Security and Safety, Multicore Software Development
Booth #1722
Bruce P. Douglass, Ph.D.
Chief Evangelist
IBM Software Group, Rational
Technical Expertise:Model Based Engineering for systems and embedded software, Safety Critical Analysis and Design, Medical Devices, Software Development for Aerospace
Booth #938
David Stewart
Director of Software Engineering,
InHand Electronics, Inc.
Technical Expertise:
Booth #931
Steve Graves
Technical Expertise: Database technology for embedded systems, real-time data management.
Booth #939
Ralph Moore
President and Co-Founder
Technical Expertise: Multitasking Kernel, Real Time Operating System, USB Stacks, File Systems
Booth #916
Cuong Pham
Technology Evangelist
Technical Expertise:Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded
Booth #916
Kurt Kennett
Senior Software Engineer
Technical Expertise:Board bring-up, C/C++, OS Kernel, Device Drivers
Booth #916
Olivier Bloch
Technical Evangelist
Technical Expertise:Windows Embedded, Real Time systems, Embedded Operating Systems
Booth #2219
Kevin Hong
Engineering Manager / Research
Multi-Tech Systems
Technical Expertise:
Booth #1338
Joseph DiGiovanni
NI LabVIEW FPGA Group Manager
National Instruments
Technical Expertise:LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA and Data Acquisition
Booth #2320
Nabil Damouny
Senior Director, Marketing
Technical Expertise:IP communications, Network processors, I/O virtualization, Networking systems architecture.
Booth #1843
Alistair Adams
Product Manager
Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks
Technical Expertise:Qt application & UI framework, UI Creation in Devices, Graphics Acceleration with Qt, MeeGo
Booth #1320
Bill Stafford
Director, Segment Marketing
Technical Expertise:Trusted Advisor for memory sub-systems, Flash memory expert (NAND, NOR, PCM), Market/Industry trends in memory
Booth #2330
Jonathan More
President and Co-Founder
Reach Technology, Inc.
Technical Expertise:Embedded LCD Displays, Touch Screens and Control Surfaces
Booth #3051
Robert Chyla
VP of Reasearch and Development
Signum Systems Corp.
Technical Expertise:Cortex-M3 ETM Trace, JTAG and ETM, ARM Core Debugging, Linux Debugging via JTAG, NAND Flash Programming
Booth #1943
Anand Pandya
Field Applications Engineer
Symmetry Electronics
Technical Expertise:Wireless/RF design, Low power embedded Wi-Fi, Power Over Ethernet, H.264 streaming video
Booth #617
Jit Lim
Senior Technologist
Technical Expertise:High Speed Signal Analysis
Booth #942
Julie Trygstad
VP of Engineering
Technical Expertise:Embedded systems integration and application development for:NET Micro Framework, Android, Windows Embedded CE, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Mobile

Are you an exhibitor that is interested participating in the Meet the Expert Program? Contact Amy Giannini at [email protected].