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Meet the Experts at ESC

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Sponsored by ARM:

Attendee Quotes from 2009:

NEW: Meet the Experts Program

Participate and Get the Most out of ESC

Intelligent Booths

Make your booth even MORE intelligent by participating in our “Meet the Experts” program. Our audience wants to talk to people on the expo floor who can answer their technical questions. We are asking each company to bring an expert to ESC to meet with attendees in your booth. ESC will help your expert connect with your customers before the show through ESC Connect. By participating in this and filling out the online form this is the best way to schedule these valuable meetings in your booth throughout the show! All of this absolutely FREE to you as an exhibitor at ESC.

CLICK HERE to join today!


Before the show, EXPERTS will belong to a special (highly promoted) section of ESC Connect (our online social networking and scheduling tool).


  • Exclusive access to build your profile
  • Direct interaction with our registered attendees pre and post show
  • Dedicated expert Conversation Forum
  • Schedule builder to make appointments
  • "Expert of the Week" featured on the homepage of the ESC site

This is a guaranteed traffic driver to your booth. This is what your customers want. To talk to the experts! This is the ESC solution on how to deliver and make ESC a great show for those exhibitors who choose to participate in this program.


If your company chooses the participate in the Meet the Expert program, we would ask that they designate an expert from their company, by clicking here. Once the experts have been accepted, they will be notified by ESC, on the next steps!

We will use the meet the expert program, throughout our marketing campaign and drive traffic and awareness to this program through our website, emails, social media networking, blogging and message boards.

We will be a featuring an "Expert of the Week" on the homepage of the ESC Silicon Valley site starting 8 weeks out from the event. The headshot, company name, and title will feature a direct link to the ESC Connect profile for that expert. Attendees can reach out directly to schedule meetings at your booth. Expert of the Week will be chosen by the experts who have scheduled the most pre

If you’re an exhibitor and you are interested in receiving more information about this program, please contact Amy Giannini at (415) 947-6626 or email [email protected].