Keynote Addresses

ESC Silicon Valley features an exciting keynote each day of the conference.

Fireside Chat

Tuesday, May 3 - 9:00am

Steve Wozniak

Co-Founder - Apple Computer, Inc.
Chief Scientist - Fusion-IO

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for more than thirty years, Steve Wozniak has helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. In 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. For his achievements at Apple Computer Inc., Wozniak was awarded the National Medal of Technology, the highest honor bestowed on America’s leading innovators.

After leaving Apple Computer Inc. in 1985, Wozniak was involved in various business and philanthropic ventures, focusing primarily on computer capabilities in schools and stressing hands-on learning and encouraging creativity for students. In 2000, he was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame and was awarded the prestigious Heinz Award for Technology, The Economy and Employment. Wozniak also founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and was the founding sponsor of the Tech Museum, Silicon Valley Ballet and Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. He currently serves as Chief Scientist for Fusion-IO.

Keynote Address

Thursday, May 5 - 9:30am - 10:30am

Jeri Ellsworth

American Entrepreneur & Self-Taught Computer Chip Designer

Jeri Ellsworth is an American entrepreneur and self-taught computer chip designer, as well as, an internet engineering celebrity. In 2004, she created a Commodore 64 emulator within a joystick, called Commodore 30-in-1 Direct to TV. The computer in a joystick could run 30 video games from the early 1980s, and rose to popularity during the 2004 holiday season, selling over 70,000 units in a single day via a television shopping channel. In 2000, Ellsworth attended her first Commodore exposition where she unveiled a prototype video expansion for the C64. This project later evolved to become the CommodoreOne, a.k.a. the C-One, and C64-DTV. She has an extensive range of interests which include home chip fabs, pinball machines, and race car chassis design. Ellsworth is an Internet sensation among the engineering community with a variety of videos which captures explicit hands-on experiments.