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Industry Addresses

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Tuesday Industry Address

Kevin Dallas

Kevin Dallas

General Manager
Windows Embedded

Tuesday, April 27

Building Windows 7 Powered Devices

How do you bring to market devices that stand out? What is a compelling user experience? Where is the embedded industry headed? As we move out of the economic reset, taking advantage of the new competitive landscape becomes key to your success. Please join Kevin Dallas, General Manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft, for the launch of Windows Embedded Standard 7 where he will detail how you can build rich user experiences on Windows 7 based devices. In addition, Mr. Dallas will be demonstrating a number of new and compelling consumer and enterprise devices built on the latest Windows Embedded platforms and outline a refreshed product roadmap designed to provide the latest Microsoft technologies for the embedded market.

Attendees to the Windows Embedded Industry Address will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a custom home theater media center device based on Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Click here for Kevin Dallas' complete bio.

Wednesday Industry Address

Rick Froehlich

Vice President and General Manager,
Dell OEM Solutions

Wednesday, April 28
10:30am - 11:30am

Drive Innovation with Dell OEM Solutions

Spending too much time on production and not enough on innovation? Is your embedded systems project delayed due to unforeseen issues with design or implementation? Dell can help. Dell’s commitment to product quality and reliability, as well as the help you need throughout every step of design through deployment, will give your business the edge your company needs. Please join Rick Froehlich, Vice President and General Manager, Dell OEM Solutions, as he explains why choosing Dell as your solutions partner in embedded system design will give you the advantage needed to be successful and profitable now and in the future.

Click here for Rick Froehlich's complete bio.