ESC Testimonials

Read what people are saying about ESC:

"I learned a great deal from the classes. Several of the speakers were great!"
Sui Haunung
ALS, Engineer

"Great classes! Very relevant to today's technological issues."
Jeff Strickland
Charity (a division of Plantronics) Senior Engineer

"It's my first time and I have found very useful information in the lectures. The key note speaker was very good too!"
Domingos Rios

"I came to see the new products, especially the Quad Core CPU, and OS to support micro devices."
Sham Wong
Software Engineer

"I only go to the exhibits because I am senior enough to not get much value out of the classes, but a junior engineer would get a great value."
Topdown Desisal Associates

"I am excited about the amount of competition. I showed up here in Silicon Valley with no money and learned lots of knowledge!"
Robert Gurhuan

"UML classes were good, and I liked the exhibition."
Sten Frostholm
GN Resound Als
DSP Software Engineer

"I thought the classes were very good. I enjoyed the Al Gore speech very much. Since I work with middle v core, much of the boxes were a little to much hardware for me."
Ola Andersson

"ESC was a great way to expand my competence even if not all of the lectures were in my exact area."
Kjell Anderson

"(The) Conference was great. There were many interesting seminars with great speakers. Exhibition was good and well organized."
Robert Rosengren

"I attended the Embedded Systems Conference this year and I thought it was very well put together. I was amazed by the number of events planned and the number of companies showcasing their products. I thought that the five days would be a breeze and I would leave around noon, each day. Not once did that happen, and I really enjoyed the entire conference. I think your whole team did an outstanding job of making this event exciting, interesting and diversified and I am looking forward to participating again."
Dan Teodorescu
Alcon Research, Ltd.
Research & Development Engineer