E-Sports events are quickly becoming a multi-million dollar industry

The term E-sports refers to online video gaming. Originally, it rose in South Korea, but quickly spread to China, Japan and spread throughout the world. The first tournaments were created with promotional intention from the developers, who wanted to create an internet buzz about their games. However, they quickly realized that there was a large scale market just for video gaming out there. The other factor that helped the rise of e-sports was the fact that many of the players were ready to ditch their full-time jobs with the intention of full-time gaming. In a way, the rise of e-sports turned a hobby into a full-time profession for a lot of people, who jumped on the opportunity to play video games for a living, especially if they were unemployed.

Starcraft was the first game to become globally famous for players, followed by Starcraft 2. Today, the e-sports community has grown steadily, and tournaments have been known to bring winners a prize up to $50 000. That might seem like a lot of money – until the fact that in consecutive years, prizes have been known to rise up to 3 million dollars and more.

Today, there are plenty of different types of games whose tournaments attracts thousands viewers, from first person shooting games, to strategy games and multiplayer online battle arena games. These types of games are joined by team-competitive games, ensuring that today, there are e-sports competitions and tournaments for players who want to different genres and enjoy different types of gameplay. The most famous games of today are StarCraf II, CS: Global Offensive,Dota 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The Rise of Online E-Sports Betting

The rise of e-sports has of course allowed for the rise of online e-sports betting, commonly known as e-sports betting. There are plenty of platforms available online who want to bet on video gaming tournaments and duels. The betting options have been rising just as much as online gaming has in the recent years, and the number of people who bet on these online events rises with each new event. Originally, a few years back, there were not a large number of betting platforms, but today, there are plenty of them. Some of them like Datbet and Esportsventure  have been founded just for the sole purpose of taking bets on video gaming outcomes. They and other good platforms have managed to create a niche for themselves in online e-sports betting.

Additionally, other platforms like Bet365 and 888sport also offer betting on e-sports events, and they have become quite huge and helped in the promotion of e-sports as a legitimate sport, ensuring that plenty of other sports betting platforms are taking e-sports betting seriously, and making room for e-sports among their betting options.

The downside of this rise is that several sites have emerged that do not deliver the best environment for e-sports betting. Hence, aspiring betters are advised to do some really through research of plenty of websites and skim through these e-sports betting company reviews that are credible before choosing a betting website. That way, any betting, whether live or not, on e-sports events and tournaments is bound to deliver the best gambling experience for the better.


The rise of e-sports events

As of 2010, the e-sports industry has grown in both viewers and monetary prizes. Today, the tournaments and events bring in thousands of viewers to arenas in China, South Korea, and even the USA. However, tournaments and events were organized at large scales even before 2010, by platforms like World Cyber Games, the Intel Extreme Masters, and Major League Gaming. These tournaments were not organized just for games that have worldwide notoriety. Some of the tournaments were organized with casual games in mind – which still gathered enough of viewers, competitors and bets to generate prized that go up to 1 million dollars.

There is also the emergence of live streaming services, which have ensured e-sport’s rise in popularity, such as Twitch, whose viewers watched about 12 million minutes of footage in 2013. Twitch generated such following that it was bought by Amazon for more than 1 billion dollars.

E-sports events have become so big that a Dota 2 championship tournament has been known to fill the 18,200-seat Madison Square Garden in New York City, where the team of Vega Squadron team played and defeated Team Secret. Plenty of companies such as Nintendo and EA Sports, have embraced it for their products. This has brought about the organization of E-sports events all around the country, including California, and other states. During these tournaments, the developers are attempting to create a buzz by broadcasting these competitions and events with the attempt to capitalize on the market.

Companies like Techinsightsevents.com, a Silicon Valley based company known for hosting events, conferences and expos around the USA, are hosting events dedicated to e-sports, thus adapting to the e-sports events popularity. These events present the attendees with a lot of key note speakers who share their knowledge and experience in the area. Techinsightsevents.com offer lectures in plenty of areas, that are very well put together, and their events have a lot of activities planned that showcase every product they offer, including e-sports tournaments and how they can be explored for maximum success. Their events are also diversified, and well organized, which has ensured the loyalty of every attendee.

By this account, it is safe to speculate that sooner than later, e-sports events and tournaments will be just as successful and important to the world in general as major sports. These tournaments not only attract millions of people to arenas all over the world, they also attract viewers from the comforts of their own home thanks to online streaming service providers. Gamers today are enjoying the possibility of turning a hobby into a full-time profession, thanks to sponsors like Coca Cola, American Express and others, but also because of grand prizes that can go up to more than three million dollars.