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Exhibitor Marketing and Media Relations
Amy Giannini
Event Marketing Manager
[email protected]
Ph: (415) 947-6626
Fax: (415) 947-6009
Attendee Marketing
Stephanie Iannuzzi
Sr. Event Marketing Manager
[email protected]
Ph: (516) 562-5174

Kristen Margulis
Booths, Sponsorships, Housing
and Logistics
[email protected]
Ph: (415) 947-6681
Erin LeMoine
Event Manager
[email protected]
Ph: (415) 947-6686

Ron Wilson
Editorial Director
[email protected]
Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales
Sean Raman
Events Sales Director
[email protected]
Ph: (415) 947-6622
Fax: (415) 947-6095
Customer Service
(866) 535-8993 (toll free)
(415) 947-6918
Event Management
Kurt Arsenault
General Managers, Events
[email protected]