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Industry Addresses

Microsoft Industry Address

Kevin Dallas

General Manager
Windows Embedded

Tuesday, March 31
Civic Auditorium

The High Performing Developer

The success of any embedded project begins with you, the embedded developer. The ability to quickly find components, develop a compelling UI and have access to the most current development tools are at the heart of your success. As devices become connected and service-oriented, the challenges you face will multiply. Please join Kevin Dallas, General Manager Windows Embedded, as he details Microsoft’s technologies designed to surround you, the embedded developer, with the tools you need to excel through each stage of the device lifecycle in an increasingly complex environment. As a special thanks for joining us, Microsoft will be raffling away 300 ICOP eBox 3300s, only to attendees of this session.

Numonyx Industry Address

Brian Harrison

President and CEO

Wednesday, April 1
10:30am -11:15am
Civic Auditorium

Positive Memories: Being Confident Amidst the Volatility of the Non Volatile Memory Market

There is no shortage of bad news these days, especially for the memory market. However, tough times are nothing new. The nonvolatile flash memory segment has been a part of embedded designs for nearly 40 years and the strategic value of memory subsystems is increasing – not going away. Today’s flash memory – NOR and NAND – provide a dizzying array of choices for the embedded designer. As flash, particularly NAND, rushes ahead in lithography, new challenges are arising. A new approach to nonvolatile memory solutions is required in order to meet the needs of embedded designs. And with the flash industry in turmoil, supplier experience, expertise and reliability matter in future-proofing your products. Find out more from the solutions supplier with the experience and the world's broadest range of nonvolatile memory offerings.